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I’m kinda (definitely) freaking out

So, allow me to have a moment of honesty? I’m kinda (definitely) freaking out! I woke up this morning and found out our little podcast, that hasn’t even launched yet, is #78 in the COUNTRY on the Apple podcast charts! Like what?! I’m freaking out! Honestly, this whole solo podcast format is new to me. It’s me, in my guest bedroom, with a microphone. No one else but you and calls to my mom. I’ve recorded the first 2 episodes and I just feel uncomfortable right now. But for all of you that believe in me enough to subscribe before we’ve launch, I can’t thank you enough! And for those that messaged me saying “this is my first podcast ever”, the fact you would trust ME as your first one is crazy to me. THANK YOU!

On Wednesday, we’ll launch with 3 episodes. The first one is introducing my mom and the show, the second is a 30 minute podcast all about the truth of why I got let go from Channel 93.3, and the third will be the first real episode of the show where we’ll talk about all this craziness going on and how I think I got catfished by a real celebrity a few weeks ago!

For all my day 1s, thank you for welcoming back into your life in a new way! I can’t wait to build this show WITH you.

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