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Today is my 37th birthday, and working behind the scenes for the past month, I had planned on launching three new projects today. The first is this right here, a full website to help connect us and welcome new listeners (which I think the final product turned out GREAT!) The second is a paid members fan club, or "Certified Fans" as I call it. This is a way for those who want to financially support the podcast with a monthly $5 donation to be given special perks and bonus episodes as a thank you. And finally, after many requests, a podcast merch store with clothes and drinkware that showed off the personality of the show and our podcast fam.

But after the series of brutal attacks and racial upset in our country, everything changed. All of a sudden, the growth of this podcast isn't what's on my heart anymore. Now, not only are we hurting financially and physically as a country, but our emotional scars have risen to the surface. I already felt weird asking for your financial support, but now it really doesn't feel right. We have much bigger issues to focus on: supporting the Black community. So I am sure you'll understand when I tell you that I am going to put the Merch store on hold for now.

But I still feel like there is an opportunity for us to do what we do best: give back. Since we proved that we could do so much good with our dinners for the nurses, I decided that I am going to launch the Certified Fans project today, and use it for us to help. Through the end of June, 100% of the proceeds from memberships will go to support Black Lives Matter. Episode 48 ("Are You Racist?") and Episode 50 ("Why They're Rioting") changed me. They opened my eyes to the amount of work that is needed right now for equal treatment of black men and women this country. After doing extensive research of different charities serving the needs for this change, I believe that Black Lives Matter is the most tuned to the immediate need for change in our country. It feels really good that with your help, we're going to be able to support a community that has gone unsupported for far too long.

By joining this month, you will still receive all of the benefits of the membership. I hope you'll check out the Certified Fans club and consider donating. And truly sincere thank you for continuing to support me as we navigate this new venture together.

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2 commentaires

aisha sanchez
aisha sanchez
04 juin 2020

Happy belated birthday, and of course I became a member today. Thank you for sharing with us, thank you for being so open, for crying and laughing with us. I wish you nothing but the best. Love you forever 💕


This podcast help me to be a better person, to distract me, to give a better understanding and I love to listen to it..... Also, I am a mamas girl...... good luck.... and I wanna see that merch. :)

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