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I’m typing this with so much excitement and trepidation, and there’s no going back now! This Wednesday, I launch my podcast, “Certified Mama’s Boy”. As I was going through my divorce, my mom would send me these daily motivational text messages, and one day, I decided to post one on my Instagram story and was shocked with how many of you guys loved it! So I kept doing, and it kinda just became a thing. So when I got let go from Channel 93.3, I knew I wanted to bring those texts to life. And I can’t think of a better time that people could use some extra motivation than right now!

So what’s this podcast about? It’s words of wisdom from my mom, life, drama, relationships, divorce, dating, chisme, and (hopefully) funny. It’s a little me from the radio, the Kramer and Geena uncensored podcast, and some feel good all wrapped into one. But this is gonna be a much more authentic side of me, and I’ve got so many stories to tell that I’ve never been able to. 👀 (No one to tell me no now 😉) It’s me and you, finally back together. AND THAT MAKES ME SO FREAKING HAPPY!! Now so more than ever!

Honestly, I’m really nervous. I want to give you guys a show that YOU want. So I hope you’ll be patient and come build this thing with me!

CERTIFIED MAMA’S BOY launches THIS WEDNESDAY 3/25! (Yes, I launch with why I got let go from Channel 93.3)

Can’t thank you guys enough for always supporting me!! ❤️❤️❤️

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