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The Hosts

Steve Kramer

Steve Kramer is an award-winning morning show host and podcaster living in Baltimore, Maryland. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kramer has always been a big believer in following your dreams. From a young age, Kramer chased his calling to be a radio host across the country, on radio stations in Savannah, Panama City, Tampa, Phoenix, San Diego, and Baltimore/DC area. Yogi since birth but didn't realize it until a few years ago (and countless hours of toppling over on the mat). Advocate for pet adoptions, and dog dad to his chihuahua, Kiki. Kramer found his gift of vulnerability and authenticity can impact people for good, for insight, for growth. He created this podcast in 2020 with the mission to make people "live, laugh, and love your Mom".

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Mama Nancy

Nancy Yancey is the world's greatest mom, according to her son! Raising 3 children is no easy task, but she'd do it over and over again, as it's her greatest accomplishment. Before retiring, Nancy was the CEO of Rainbow Village for 24 years, a non-profit transitional housing organization in Georgia that helped hundreds of homeless women and families get back on their feet. She also served as deacon in the Episcopal church. She loves her retired life now, hanging out at the lake with her husband, "Jimmy Mack", and finding the best deals at the local thrift shops. Her saying, "Love You Forever", exudes in everything she does.

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