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thank you for #2!

WHOOP WHOOP! Thank you SO MUCH for making Certified Mama’s Boy the NOW #2 podcast in the country!!! I’m so shook over this!

If you have a second, it’s actually a really cool story. When I got let go from Channel 933, I was in such a bad place mentally. Jeff Dauler, another guy who had found himself beat up by radio and started a wildly successful podcast, basically forced me to start to just try it. I doubted it for months, until I basically did it just to shut him up and Certified Mama’s Boy was born. 6 months later, Jeff Dauler, and I are sitting on the top 2 spots on the Podcast Magazine Hot 50 for September. Three times #1 for his show, and we climbed up to #2!

We are both just two guys that love doing shows, that quieted all the doubt, the negative self talk, the “this will never work”. We took a leap of faith that our radio families would catch us, and tonight, we have two of the biggest podcasts in the country.

And trust me, if we can do it, anyone who sets their mind on their passion and believes in themselves can do it. So what have you been telling yourself “this will never work”??

Thank you Jeff for giving me the biggest push to create this podcast! Thank you Certified Fans for making it possible, and THANK YOU to both of our #podcast families, THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD! ❤️❤️❤️

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