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How To Listen To Our New Podcast, “More Mamas Boy”

Certified Mama's Boy now has 2 ways to listen:

1. Every Tuesday, a new episode will be released anywhere you get your podcasts. This is a free show and can listen on almost any phone, tablet or computer. Click here to subscribe

2. "More Mama's Boy" is a NEW, fan exclusive podcast that will release

on Thursday. These episodes are for Certified Fans only, our subscription fan club. Click here to join, then follow the prompts to start receiving the podcast in your player of your choice.

Already a Certified Fan? Follow these steps to receive "More Mama's Boy" in your podcast player:

1. Go to and log into your account you used to subscribe.

If you don't know your password click "never set a password or forgot it"

2. Once logged in, click "Get Premium Content"

3. Select the podcast app you use.

4. It will open a NEW podcast called More Mama's Boy.

5. Click "Subscribe"

Still need help? Email

Thank you Donald Small for this write up.

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