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Introducing "more mama's boy"

Isn't it unbelievable to think it's been 3 years since you gave me the encouragement to start a podcast. And I had literally no idea what to talk about, let alone how to start a podcast. I still remember asking my Mom, "would you do a podcast with me?" We both thought maybe we'd release a few episodes. Now, we've been on top of the podcast charts, listened to internationally, and have over 2 million downloads. It's been such a ride!

Producing a daily podcast is a big responsibility. Hosting a daily morning show is a big responsibility. And when we were in lockdown, I was managing to do both successfully. But as the world has opened up, I've taken a look at my life and realized that life has got to be more than hosting shows all day. Plus, economically, producing a daily show just isn't making sense anymore. (Oh, and some really exciting personal news is also going to take up a big chunk of time. More on that big announcement soon!)

So starting in October, Certified Mama's Boy will be released twice a week. On Tuesday, you'll be able to get our show wherever you get podcasts. On Thursday, we're excited to introduce "More Mama's Boy", a Certified Fans exclusive episode! My Mom and I are happy to be able to bring this episode to our biggest supporters. This episode will be available to active Certified Fans in their podcast players. By creating 2 tiers of listening, we're able to financially support the production costs of the show to keep new shows coming for years to come. I promised to always do this podcast as long as I didn't go broke!

Already a fan? You do nothing! You'll start receiving episodes in October.

For those that have pressed play daily for the last 3 years, THANK YOU. You guys have supported me in some really hard times. I will always be grateful for my day ones! This podcast has been an exciting chapter and a lifeboat when things got really hard. Thank you for sharing this life journey with me. I'm really excited to watch our show evolve into the next chapter, welcome in new friends, and continue sharing this really special space with you!

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